Your Winning Edge: God's Power Perfected in Weakness
By Dave & Joanne Beckwith
The Making of a Mentor: Nine Essential Characteristics of Influential Christian Leaders
By Dr. Ted
Mentoring: Confidence in Finding a Mentor & Becoming One
By Bob Biehl
Mentoring: The Promise of Relational Leadership
By Walter C. Wright
The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising
By Steve Shadrach
The Gift of Mentors
By Walter C. Wright Jr.
The Beauty of Forgiveness
By Todd Rettberg
Soulistic Leadership
By Sharon Houk
Shepherding Shepherds: The Standing Stone Story
By Jim & Debbie Hogan
Life's a Pain: Journeying by Faith When Every Step Hurts
By Todd Rettberg
Mentoring: How to Find a Mentor & How to Become One
By Bob Biehl
I LOVE THE WORLD--It's People I Can't Stand
By Dave Beckwith
Don't Step on the Rope! Reflections on Leadership, Relationships, & Teamwork
By Walter C. Wright
Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership Journey
By Randy D. Reese
By Malcolm Gladwell
Beyond Halftime
By bob Buford
Be Free: Living The Life God Has Always Intended For You
By Sam Lee
A Dangerous Calling
By Paul David Tripp
90 Minutes in Heaven
By Don Piper with Cecil Murphy
52 Ways to Care For Your Pastor
By Leslie Eichler