Dean and April Miraldi

During his NFL career, Dean was active with Pro Athletes Outreach, helped start and facilitate two team Bible Studies, and worked in the off-season with Sports World Ministries (SWM), presenting the gospel in public schools. After retiring from the NFL, Dean joined SWM’s team full-time as well as starting the Dean Miraldi Foundation, which provided college scholarships to student athletes who exemplify high moral character. He also has non-profit donor development experience with Family Research Council, currently works on assignment as a COO/CFO for turnaround companies, chairs a Christian CEO forum group for Convene and serves on the Supervisory Committee for the Evangelical Christian Credit Union.

April played volleyball at UCLA, then internationally with Athletes in Action’s Women’s National Volleyball Team. She was on staff as well with Campus Crusade for Christ, and helped start and facilitate the L.A. Raiders women’s Bible Study. Over the decades, April has been active in her church’s women’s ministry and a group leader for Bible Study Fellowship. She currently has come on board part time with Standing Stone Ministry to help with internal support and donor development. Dean and April live in Orange County, CA and have four children who are all college athletes.