Shannon Shank Reese

headshot of board member Shannon Reese

Shannon Reese was raised in a ministry family and has seen the beauty and heartache of a life devoted to serving in the local church. Even so, as a teenager, she responded to God’s calling to serve in ministry, first as a volunteer and then many years later as a pastor.

At a transitional time in her pastoral journey, Shannon experienced the blessing of meeting regularly with a Standing Stone Shepherd.

Today, Shannon serves on the Executive Team overseeing teams of pastors serving adults, children, students, and families; overseeing the development of 500+ volunteers and leaders; teaching Bible study, and writing curriculum. In addition, Shannon has her M.A. in Organizational Leadership and loves coaching leaders as they pursue health and growth in their personal and professional lives.

Shannon has been married to her best friend Bates since 1995. In addition to their weekly date nights, they love spending time with their favorite people: their sons, Jackson (25) and Houston (23), and their new daughter (in-law), Jackson’s wife, Kristin.