Bobby Jackson

Bobby and Beka are enjoying the joyful chaos of raising five children in Cincinnati. They each have served in nearly every role within the organized church over the last twenty+ years. Recently they moved to Cincinnati so that Bobby could work as a professor at a private Christian university where he regularly teaches, encourages, and challenges the next generation of pastors.
Our ministry has been difficult and amazing, exhausting and hopeful, frustrating and meaningful, trying and enjoyable. We want to pour into this current and next generation of great ministry leaders, help them avoid some of the surprises that we experienced, as well as encourage those that are currently feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

We've had the privilege and challenge of leading church planters, consulting with churches, walking with staff and elders through crisis, pastoring in various forms within the local church in churches from 200 to 4000, and now teaching in the Christian University setting. God has uniquely positioned us to care and coach those in various walks of ministry life.

"I love getting to work with the next and current generation of ministry leaders here at the college, around the country, and at home. Whereas a lot of people are down on millennials, I see great promise and a hopeful future from this special group. My heart also gravitates toward refreshing those that are currently serving on the front lines in ministry, pouring themselves out every week."


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