Steffan Carr

Steffan has pastored for 30+ years and for as long as he can remember has had a driving desire inside of his heart for the needs of the local church pastor. He is a fourth-generation pastor who has experienced ministry as both the preacher’s kid and as the preacher himself.

In three decades of ministry, Steffan has served in various forms of pastoral ministry, including Evangelism and Outreach Pastor, Senior Pastor, and Church-Planter. He has served as a bi-vocational pastor for most of his ministry years, but has also had some full-time service and has spent the last 10 years of his ministry as a missionary responsible for raising his own support. Steffan has spent most of his ministry in a rural and mountain (Appalachia) context and has received training as a Christian life coach, church revitalization consultant, and Biblical counselor.

Steffan is married to his best friend, Leslie, for 35 years and they have a beautiful daughter (JoJo) who serves a ministry located in the Birmingham, AL area serving women who have been rescued from human trafficking and also serves as an international mission trip coordinator with Lifetime Missions.

Countless times, while he watched his father and uncle in ministry, Steffan has asked the question, “Who does the pastor go to in times of need?” Then, while serving for 30 years in the pastoral ministry, he has asked the question in an even more personal way, “Who do I as a pastor go to when I am in need?” His heart is to serve as that pastor and confidante for the local church pastor.

Steffan and Leslie live in Alabama and serve throughout the Appalachia region, specializing in ministering to the bi-vocational pastor serving in small, rural churches.


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