Low Norris

Low has a deep love for the local church. At age 26 he surrendered his life to Jesus and began an aggressive pursuit of following Christ in every aspect of his life. It was through the church, and the many pastors who cared for him, that he was able to not only find healing, but his purpose as a minister of the Gospel.
In the almost two decades since, Low has had the privilege of leading in several ministry areas which have included: college, singles, young adults, homeless, evangelism, small groups, men, foster kids and missions. Over the past 10 years, Low served as a campus pastor of a multi-site church, a church planter, and most recently as an Interim Pastor.
As a result of these various ministry experiences Low has gained valuable experience of working at a very large church, a very modest church and a very established church. He has learned first hand about the unique challenges that each church faces and has gained empathy for the leaders of the local church and the struggles that can exist in their roles.

"The pastors of our local churches have a deep love not only for the people in their congregations but for those in their communities as a whole. Carrying out the calling of loving and leading like Jesus can be a complex and lonely journey at times. In light of this, I believe that caring for those that care for our communities is of great importance and is precisely what I have been uniquely gifted and trained to do."

Low currently resides in Murfreesboro, TN just outside of Nashville with his daughter Elianna and son Malakai. He feels incredibly blessed to serve others in this role as a SHEPHERD for Standing Stone Ministry.


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