Restoring Trust With Truth

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Nothing builds trust like truth.
This hit home for me while meeting with a new pastor recently.

I had been getting together for some time with another pastor on staff with Derek. Our mutual friend suggested that Derek might be encouraged and edified by meeting with a Standing Stone shepherd, and I was happy to make myself available to Derek.
Within minutes of meeting him, however, I could sense his skepticism.

Derek had been burned by other ministry leaders. He didn’t trust easily. His walls were up.

And I understood. Being a pastor isn’t easy.

When you’re a ministry leader, other people want to know that they can trust you implicitly; you’re their spiritual leader. But what happens to a pastor whose relationships haven’t proven trustworthy or honest? All too often, skepticism and isolation results.

Derek asked me some very direct questions in that first meeting. I simply answered honestly and compassionately. As a Standing Stone shepherd, I can be straightforward about the challenges of ministry and hopeful about the future.

I also met Derek’s skepticism with honest attentiveness. I listened carefully to what he shared. So often, healing comes through sharing our stories with an empathetic listener.

When we prayed to wrap up our conversation, Derek affirmed that he’d like to meet again. That felt like a win for the Kingdom. I’m only one piece in the puzzle of Derek’s life, but I’m grateful to be used by God to help restore Derek’s trust.

Thanks for partnering with all of us at Standing Stone as we do the work of restoration…one piece at a time.

Weekly Encouragement

When the Bible talks about God being trustworthy and true, it most often uses the word faithfulness. God is faithful to do what He says. He can be trusted. He not only speaks truth; He is the Truth.

We should never take this for granted, but I imagine you–like me–sometimes forget what a tremendous gift it is that the God we love and serve is perfectly trustworthy and true. To align our hearts with truth today, please join with me in praying these words from Isaiah 25:1…

Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago.

It would be a great blessing to us if you’d also lift up a prayer for our team of 200+ shepherds, that we can be a reflection of our trustworthy and true God to the ministry leaders we serve.

Rejoicing in His faithfulness, grateful for you,

your friends at Standing Stone Ministry


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