Tools to Heal Marriage

3 tools to heal marriage

I’m David Regher, and this is my wife Darlene, and we are from First Baptist Church of San Jacinto. And I just want to say thank you to the Standing Stone Ministry, our pastor, Stacy Johnson, when we went through a crisis in our marriage and ministry. Pastor Stacy pointed us to Standing Stone and … Read more

The Legacy of Standing Stone

Hogans Year End

The Standing Stone story is a God story. Looking back over the last years of Standing Stone we can see God’s inspiration and his fingerprints everywhere. This ministry was birthed because three generations of our family suffered the consequences of having a pastor burn out and that last one – third time’s a charm. We … Read more

The Ripple Effect

the ripple effect - Tim

I’m Tim and I’m the director of spiritual formation here at Standing Stone Ministry. I was a worship Pastor for over eight years in Nashville Tennessee and you know through that season of life and Ministry it was a lot of good times and a lot of hard times and at the tail end of … Read more

Who’s Pastoring the Pastors?

Whos pastoring the pastors - Carlos Guerrero

Hi, everyone. My name’s Carlos Guerrero. I’m a Shepherd with Standing Stone. The main question is that always erupts in my heart is: Who’s pastoring the pastors? And one way that we do that is we take them out, we spend time with them, and most of all, just hear their cry, hear their heart, … Read more

How We Encourage and Empower

How We Encourage and Empower - Fogel

Hi. Our names are Brad and Margie Fogal. We are Retreat Shepherds with Standing Stone Ministry and we live on Anderson Island that is up in the Pacific Northwest Coast. We are so grateful for this season in our life to be able to host retreats on our island one on one with couples, and … Read more

A Strategic Investment for Eternal Impact

Phil Y A Strategic Investment for Eternal Impact

My name is Phil Yphantides. I work full time in the medical profession, and I first became involved with Standing Stone as a supporter and subsequently as a board member. The reason I joined in my support of Standing Stone as a ministry is that I grew up as a missionary kid overseas and then … Read more

The Impact of Standing Stone for Jon DiQuattro

The Impact of Standing Stone for Jon DiQuattro

Hey, my name is John, I pastor at church way down in Mobile, Alabama. You know, I struggled through the pandemic. I lost almost half my church. I saw board members leave. I lost two staff members. I mean, I got to a funky, dark place and I was struggling with things that were deep … Read more

A Pastor’s Wife’s Perspective

a pastor's wife's perspective

When you support a pastor, you’re not just supporting him. You’re supporting his wife and his family. You know, it’s funny to think, but some of the students in the high school ministry don’t even know that this is my husband’s full time job. I’ve literally seen the students ask him, So what do you … Read more

Building a Stable & Strong Organization


Greetings from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My name is Lowe Norris, and I’ve been with Standing Stone Ministry for over six and a half years. Now, my journey started in Southern California, where I was amazed to learn that there was a ministry that existed to care for pastors at no charge to those pastors. And at … Read more

Help is One Click Away

People often ask us how we find the pastors we serve. Sometimes it all comes down to one click. Such was the case with a couple who clicked the “Receive Guidance” tab on They’d been shuffled to four different churches in seven years by their denomination. They were worn out and wounded. Sensing God calling them to heal … Read more