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Tools to Heal Marriage

3 tools to heal marriage

I’m David Regher, and this is my wife Darlene, and we are from First Baptist Church of San Jacinto. And I just want to say thank you to the Standing Stone Ministry, our pastor, Stacy Johnson, when we went through a crisis in our marriage and ministry. Pastor Stacy pointed us to Standing Stone and Todd Rettberg met with us, counseled with us, and has really given us tools to heal our marriage in what should have ended it.

That’s true. Yeah. I was also blessed to meet with Joann Beckwith and she talked with me and she would call me on the phone. She asked me questions. She challenged me to look at what God was telling me to change in our marriage. And we are here today to praise God for the healing that He has done.

We are just so grateful for the Ministry of Standing Stone


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