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Who’s Pastoring the Pastors?

Whos pastoring the pastors - Carlos Guerrero

Hi, everyone. My name’s Carlos Guerrero. I’m a Shepherd with Standing Stone. The main question is that always erupts in my heart is: Who’s pastoring the pastors? And one way that we do that is we take them out, we spend time with them, and most of all, just hear their cry, hear their heart, hear what they’re going through, but made a lot of time to spend with them and also hear from them and walk with them.

I think one of the most important things is walking alongside of people is God is walking with us. And just as I said from the beginning, who pastors the pastor? And that’s why we’re here to help in this process. I made the most with what God has given us. And how will you make the most of what God has gifted you and bless you with?


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