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“Without You We Wouldn’t Be Here Today”

I met John over 4 years ago while teaching a class at Talbot Seminary.  Standing Stone had started a pilot program, offering shepherding to seminary students.  John responded eagerly, and we began to meet each month.  We talked about the ministry he was involved with and how to balance school with church demands.

About two years ago, through several different discussions, it became clear to John that a transition was coming.  I had the privilege of walking with him through this transition and now John is flourishing in his new church setting.

A few months ago, I also had the honor of officiating his wedding.  To watch this young man grow over the last four years, to meet his now wife, and to be a part of their special day, was priceless.  Though I only met her that day, his wife came up to me at the reception, gave me a huge hug, and whispered, “Without you we wouldn’t be here today” while John beamed.

That is the power of Standing Stone in pastor’s lives.

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