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Better Together

people standing arm in arm

“We’re close to having to shut the doors,” he said, a heavy, pained expression on his face.

This man was the only deacon at his church. The pastor had recently been terminated, and the deacon was trying to help his fledgling church navigate a storm of challenges.

God led me to suggest that I connect this deacon with another church in that area that supports my work as a Standing Stone shepherd. These two churches decided to link arms and formed a council to help the struggling church revitalize for Kingdom work.

It’s been an honor and a joy to sit on the council, help guide the process, and watch God at work. He’s knit these two churches together in amazing ways, and the fledgling church is now poised for a strong, healthy future. To be part of helping a church go from “ready to close our doors” to “ready to face the future with God’s strength and peace” is such a privilege! I’m grateful for every single person who gives to the work of Standing Stone, whether financially, through prayer support, or as a staff member. Your gifts and/or service are making an impact in the lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ.


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