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They Really Do Matter

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Your Prayers, His Power

Everybody tells their story. Not everyone uses words.

People tell their stories through the decisions they make, who they cling to or avoid at all costs, what they spend their money or time doing. We all tell our stories, day after day, in a thousand different ways.

Ministry leaders are some of the people least likely to tell their stories with words. Perhaps they’ve had bad experiences in the past; telling their stories has led to judgment, disappointment, maybe even job loss. Or maybe shame has a grip on them. Other times it’s unforgiveness that prevents ministry leaders from telling their stories.

Such was the case for a husband and wife who came to stay with us this summer. We first connected with them as a referral from Standing Stone’s website. They reached out, in need of help, and my husband and I responded. We do a great deal of our shepherding together, meeting with couples, often at our home. God’s provided a space we can use to bless ministry couples with a getaway and intensive time to process what they’re facing.

We walked with this couple for four days, exploring their stories and hearing their hearts. God the Holy Spirit revealed that bitterness and unforgiveness were blocking this couple’s way forward. They had genuine hurts that needed healing. Continued resentment prevented that healing from taking place.

As we listened to, prayed with, and served this couple, breakthroughs occurred. God’s forgiveness poured into and through this couple’s story.

In the midst of our time with them, I received a phone message, asking if I had any prayer requests. The woman who sent that text had no idea my husband and I were meeting with this couple. She just answered God’s prompting to reach out to me. I didn’t tell her what was going on–we’re very seriously about confidentiality at Standing Stone–but I was able to ask to pray for a couple who needed to experience forgiveness. Knowing she was praying was a source of great blessing and strength for me as we guided the ministry couple into greater freedom and health. Undoubtedly, her prayers were a catalyst for change in the couple we served.

When people pray for us as we work with ministry leaders, God responds in power, which leads to breakthrough. When you pray for Standing Stone, things change. Your prayers really matter. Thank you for standing with us as we strengthen God’s church by caring for its leaders.


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