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Far Too Common

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I sent him a message as soon as I saw his post.

We texted back and forth that night, signing off only after making a plan to talk the next day.

His story is a gut-wrenching one. Sadly, it’s also pretty common.

“I just got let go. Right after leading a mission trip. I’m gutted. Totally gutted,” this pastor’s post read.

When we caught up the next day, I heard how the new senior pastor, a guy who had been there less than a year, had decided to “reorganize the staff.” Days after letting the team I spoke with go, he introduced the new assistant pastor. Apparently the senior pastor had someone waiting in the wings. No wonder the pastor I shepherd felt gutted.

We talked for over an hour that day. I listened as he expresses his shock and hurt.

“I just got married. We bought our first house here. What am I supposed to do now?” he wondered.

After our phone call, I got a message from him: “My wife is really hurting too. This is the first really hard thing we’ve gone through as a couple. Could your wife reach out to her?”

“Absolutely,” I answered.

Since then, my wife and I have been connecting with this couple regularly. Our goal is to support, encourage, assist, and pray. He says we’ve been “such a blessing” to them, but the reality is, it’s such a blessing to be able to walk alongside him.

My wife and I love that God is using the challenges we faced in ministry to help others. Thanks for being part of Standing Stone, whether you’re a donor, a praying friend, or a shepherd yourself.


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