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One Day at a Time

photo of a rustic cabin

Rural church ministry is full of extremes.

Serving in a small, resource-starved area usually means that you are the one and only church leader. The joy of worshiping with people you truly know and love is often juxtaposed with the wearisome reality that the church is as impoverished as the community surrounding it.

The weight of rural ministry can feel overwhelming. And yet being called to this work can also be a tremendous blessing. Both are true for a pastor’s wife one of our shepherds cares for regularly.

Many years ago, when this woman and her husband sensed God’s call to pastor a rural home mission church, she knew there would be no guaranteed income. Their tiny mountain church consists of 20 dedicated, grateful, and under-resourced members. The entire congregation–members and the pastor couple–work hard to take care of the church building and meet the needs of the impoverished community around it. They are united in love, fellowship, and shared struggle.

“It hasn’t always been easy,” the pastor’s wife affirmed, “but we trust God to take care of our needs, one day at a time. We have been so blessed.”

As our shepherds care for ministry leaders in rural areas and small churches, they listen to stories of triumph and challenge. Our shepherds acknowledge the courage and commitment of those who serve as the only leader in their church. We pray with and for them. We meet practical needs as we are able. We can’t do everything to relieve the pressure of ministering in a financially-depleted community, but we can do some things with great love.

Thank you for helping us care for ministry leaders across the United States and around the world. It’s a great privilege to come alongside those who are faithfully serving God’s people in churches and communities.

We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.


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