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Help is One Click Away

People often ask us how we find the pastors we serve.

Sometimes it all comes down to one click.

Such was the case with a couple who clicked the “Receive Guidance” tab on www.standingstoneministry.org. They’d been shuffled to four different churches in seven years by their denomination. They were worn out and wounded. Sensing God calling them to heal before their next ministry assignment, this couple filled out Standing Stone’s online help form, which led them to us.

Though we haven’t been meeting as long as we have with some other pastors, my husband and I felt like we have always known this couple. After our very first meeting, they told us they felt the same. We quickly discovered what an amazing couple they are. It’s no wonder the enemy is trying to discourage and distract them through a myriad of difficulties!

Fortunately for us, this couple was taking a month-long sabbatical before beginning work at a new church. We jumped right in, listening carefully to their story and walking through a process of forgiveness. It was intense work that deeply moved all of us. They couldn’t stop saying how thankful for Standing Stone they were.

Despite some genuine hurts in their ministry journey, this couple had a fantastic attitude. They told us, “We know God called us to ministry and we have great hope for the future.” As shepherds, we love working with this depth of perspective! After we dealt with issues from their past, we coached this husband-wife team on walking through their anxieties about the future. Praise God, they are on a great path forward.

Many of the ministry leaders that come to Standing Stone are struggling with hope. We help them rediscover it. In this instance, however, we saw clearly how solid hope leads to quicker healing. That would be our desire for everyone!

Do you know someone who might need help?

Our shepherds are only one click away.

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