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Building a Stable & Strong Organization


Greetings from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. My name is Lowe Norris, and I’ve been with Standing Stone Ministry for over six and a half years. Now, my journey started in Southern California, where I was amazed to learn that there was a ministry that existed to care for pastors at no charge to those pastors. And at that point in time, I thought that I was out of ministry, dead end.

There was a lot of confusion. I didn’t know how God was working, but that didn’t actually became a fresh start. And now, six and a half years and over 300 pastors later, I’ve been able to walk with men through a variety of different situations. And as of three years ago, I was asked to become the director of training for Standing Stone Ministries.

This was an incredible opportunity and one that I was very excited to take on. But it was also very daunting because I know that the need out there is so great that we can’t do it alone. But in the same way, I’m talking to dozens of pastors every month who are curious about joining the Standing Stone efforts. And so at this point in time, standing stones in this incredible space of knowing exactly what we need to do to go care for the pastors, and God’s bringing us dozens and dozens of qualified pastors to go do that work because of your generosity, because of your faithfulness, we’ve actually been able to build a very stable and strong organization that can scale to handle this growing need by bringing on ever increasing amounts of shepherds to go tackle that need. We love that we get to partner with you. We are so grateful for what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past, but we’re also very excited about what we’ll be able to do in the future as we bring our talents and skills and abilities to the table.

And you bring your talents and passions and resources to the table. We have this beautiful partnership where we can go and do great things. So thank you for your past generosity, and thank you for your future commitment to being a part of what standing stones doing in this space. We look forward to building this together.


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