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Steps to Freedom

Standing Stone shepherds care for thousands of pastors every month. We also care for other Kingdom leaders, including those leading Christian recovery ministries. Today’s story comes from a SSM shepherd walking alongside a ministry leaders who helps others find freedom in Christ…

“Greg and I met through a church small group. When I found out that he leads a Christian recovery program, I offered to take him to coffee.

‘No agenda,’ I assured him. ‘I just want to encourage you in your ministry.’

We’ve been meeting for close to a year now, and it’s been a blessing for both of us. Greg’s ministry in the mental and emotional health space is making a big difference in the lives of God’s children. With vulnerability and truth, Greg draws hurting people to Jesus, who heals and gives new life.

Greg’s faced some serious challenges of his own. He was previously married, and when his marriage ended, Greg struggled with feelings of inadequacy and failure. We’ve worked on sifting through lies that still held him back, years later. As Greg sorts through the remnants of his own hurts, habits and hangups, I have the privilege of walking alongside him.

More than anything else, it’s helped Greg to know that he’s not alone. The enemy works to isolate and alienate, to deceive and manipulate. He lies to us in an effort to diminish the power of our Kingdom work.

God sets people free.

Greg had already experience the power of Christ’s freedom. I’ve now watched him walk in even greater freedom. He’s led more people into freedom as he disentangles from lies and steps out in truth. What a privilege to do this work alongside Greg and other ministry leaders.


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