Just Do It?

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Knowing When

We live in a “just do it” world.

For ministry leaders, that can be incredibly problematic. Our story today comes from a shepherd who helped one youth pastor look at the the “just do it” message from a different angle…

“But I can do it,” she told me.

“Does that mean you automatically should?”

She was silent for a moment. I could almost hear the wheels in this youth pastor’s mind turning.

“I guess not,” she ultimately answered. “But how will people receive that? They expect me to be there for every student event at every local high school. They expect me to be available whenever and for however long.”

“Are their expectations the same as God’s expectations?”

More silence.

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t we ask Him together?”

The youth pastor and I spent a long time in prayer, listening to the Lord about scheduling and expectations and His will for this ministry leader. I recommended a book about rest. We discussed the theology of limits.

It was revolutionary for this young pastor to hear: God does not call you to do everything. Sometimes he calls you to say, “No.”

In just one week, I noticed a significant difference in this youth pastor. The burnout that seemed imminent had diminished. If she continues to listen to the Lord and do only what He’s asked her to do, the burnout will fade further and further into the distance. That’s my prayer for her and what I’ll keep encouraging as I walk alongside her.

Sometimes “just don’t do it” is the right answer.

Staying close to God is the only way to know when.


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