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October is Pastor Appreciation Month

October is pastor appreciation month

October is pastor appreciation month and a Standing Stone Ministry we’re all about caring for those who care for us spiritually. We want to encourage you this month to do something special for those who lead you spiritually. And I’ll just tell you, as a pastor for 27 years a little note would just go so far. It was like a just a deposit into my soul.

It goes a long way. One family adopted us as a pastoral couple. They wanted to bless and we got to use their beach home and they just poured into a spiritually. It was so meaningful to us. There are lots of things that you can do this month.

As a pastor’s wife and a woman in ministry myself, it was always so meaningful to when someone would do an act of service for our family, like maybe they would watch our kids so that Jeremy and I could go on a date. We didn’t live near family at that time, and it was hugely meaningful to us. Or maybe they’d give us a certificate to go get our car washed or something simple, something small.

Pastor Appreciation Month doesn’t have to be something huge, but what you do for those that care for you spiritually will go a long way.

So let’s go out there and appreciate those who care for you in there.


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