The Impact of Standing Stone for Jon DiQuattro

The Impact of Standing Stone for Jon DiQuattro

Hey, my name is John, I pastor at church way down in Mobile, Alabama. You know, I struggled through the pandemic. I lost almost half my church. I saw board members leave. I lost two staff members. I mean, I got to a funky, dark place and I was struggling with things that were deep enough that I didn’t feel safe talking to anybody about – not even the leadership in my denomination.

But one day, Chuck, who was a professor of mine, when I was finishing up my degree, he reached out to tell me about Standing Stone, the new ministry that he was a part of, and it was like a breath of fresh air in my life. He was somebody that I could talk to, somebody who had no skin in my game, just an ear and a word of encouragement.

And that’s all I needed. His presence and his energy through the power of the Holy Spirit became a catalyst for a major shift within our church, and I cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement in my life. I know that this isn’t an isolated story. Pastors are being encouraged and lifted up all over the United States because of this amazing ministry.

So I encourage you to get on board with Chuck and standing Stone and know that pastors and churches and people everywhere are being restored and transformed.


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