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A Pastor’s Wife’s Perspective

a pastor's wife's perspective

When you support a pastor, you’re not just supporting him. You’re supporting his wife and his family. You know, it’s funny to think, but some of the students in the high school ministry don’t even know that this is my husband’s full time job. I’ve literally seen the students ask him, So what do you do for a living? Oftentimes, people don’t know the hours and hard work that goes in behind the scenes of working in ministry.

As a high school pastor. His job entails Sunday sermons, mid-week events on campus clubs and one on one meetings. I think as a high school student, you’re used to just showing up to event and all the prep is already set up. What you don’t see is the hours of brainstorming, but even types of events that we think would be exciting and helpful for them.

You know, Sunday sermons aren’t just slapped together. It takes hours of reading, really marinating in the word and what the best approach is for that specific topic or passage. You know, pastors aren’t just a Sunday presence, the immediate with people to talk about their issues and can be the first person someone calls in a crisis. The counseling component of ministry isn’t glamorized, but it’s where the most fulfilling work really happens.

Our church has shown their appreciation through handwritten cards and meals, whether that’s hosting us for dinner or giving us a gift card to treat ourselves out. It means the world. When someone acknowledges the work the pastors put in.


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