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Well-Equipped For The Future

Missionaries typically experience some level of reverse culture shock when moving back to their country of origin, but for one ministry leader I care for, this phenomenon was compounded by the disintegration of his family.  It was a time of confusion and sorrow, but God was directing this missionary through the chaos.

He wrote, “God was placing me exactly where He wanted me to be, providentially. That’s when a Standing Stone shepherd stepped into my life.  My situation honestly didn’t seem real hopeful at the time, at least to me. Life was messy and difficult to make sense of. As my shepherd got to know me, he started helping me see and acknowledge the ongoing work God was doing. He taught me how to sit still, take inventory, and breathe.”  It’s amazing how many ministry leaders rush from need to need, almost breathless with the busyness of serving God’s people.

My Standing Stone shepherd “has walked with me for over a year now through both personal tragedy as well as God’s great triumph in my life, family and circumstances,” this missionary expressed.  “I’ve learned much about myself: gaining new self-awareness and deepening my walk with the Lord. I’m better off today and more well-equipped for the future ministry God has for me.”

As you share the resources God has given you with Standing Stone, you are part of stories like this.  Thank you from all of us at Standing Stone.

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