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How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Our husband-and-wife shepherding teams are an amazing part of Standing Stone.  We love seeing how dynamic duos are influencing ministry leaders for Jesus around the world.  Here’s a story from one of the couples who care for leaders in God’s Kingdom as Standing Stone shepherds:

“In the spring, we were invited to lead a 3-day retreat for a group of pastors, church planters and their spouses in Vancouver, British Columbia. One of the couples who has a unique calling among Cantonese and Mandarin speakers in Vancouver asked us to continue shepherding them.

We’ve met with them Via Zoom and What’s App video every week since the retreat in April. We have helped them process hardships and wounding they experienced from church leadership in the past.  As we processed difficult emotions, we reminded this couple of their calling as ministry leaders and truths from God’s Word.

When the wife shared some childhood trauma which was exacerbating her ability to cope with the recent hurts at church, I encouraged her to seek additional care with a professional counselor.

Years of fear and depression related to childhood wounding have begun to break.

It’s been amazing to see how God has lovingly healed and restored both her and her husband’s souls, grown their faith and restored their ministry together. Recently, we received pictures of him preaching her leading worship.

We praise God for His abundant faithfulness and immense love to restore deeply wounded leaders!

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