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How Much Can Two Words Do?

person writing a thank you note

Two Little Words

We don’t always realize what God is doing in a given moment. It’s always amazing when we get to hear of it later on, though.

One of our shepherds recently received an email from a pastor he helped some time ago. The two weren’t in regular communication any longer, but God continued to work through their relationship. Here’s what the pastor wrote…

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the encouragement you gave me awhile back. I was working on my sermon this week and I thought about the phone call we had when I was first considering this position. There have certainly been challenges in the new role. In less than three years, we’ve gone through a building project, hired many new staff, and made a variety of changes to our leadership and culture. It’s been hard work, but I love getting to do my best to lead our congregation.

I just wanted to say thanks for telling me you believed I could do it. Taking the plunge into a role like this is more than intimidating. I still think being a pastor is absolutely crazy unless God has called you to it! I’m not sure what season you’re in right now, but I figured today you may need a reminder of how God is using you. You reached out at a moment when I needed it most, and I’m extremely grateful. I’ve always looked up to your leadership, so it meant a lot coming from you. Thanks brother for your years of faithfulness, your example of excellence, and your passion for the church.”

This is why we do what we do.

And, for the record, being a pastor is crazy unless you’re called to it! We’re so grateful God equips the called. Today we thank all of you serving in ministry!


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